What You Need to Make a Solar Cooker at Home

All of us have seen cookers in our home forever! We have also witnessed, the cooker is heated up from beneath to raise the temperature enough to cook the food. But where did all of us see that happening, in the kitchen of course!

Thanks to modern technology, we can cook outside the house too now! This might not sound much fascinating, but this can surely excite you to know, you can cook without the stove! Yes, you do not need a gas or electricity source to heat up your cookers.

How can this be done? The answer to this is, in the solar cooker. Solar cookers are easily available in the market but for a good learning experience and saving your cost, you can make one at home too.

Get the required material and follow the few easy steps and enjoy cooking your food with solar energy at no maintenance cost.

First of all, it is essential to know the tools needed to build a solar cooker. In these articles, you will find all the essentials things you need for an efficient solar cooker.

  1. Two cardboard boxes, one should be 1.5 times bigger than the other one
  2. A reflective material, it can be either an aluminium foil or mirror
  3. Black spray to paint the cardboard box
  4. A good adhesive glue to stick things together properly
  5. A newspaper or any paper to use as an insulator inside the box
  6. To seal the cooker, you would need a plastic bag to cover the cooker from both inside and outside
  7. Box knife and scissors to cut it properly, but this should be used very carefully to prevent any sort of harm

It has to be made sure to get good quality things so that you build up an efficient solar cooker.