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What to Do With Chopped Trees

If the Lorax existed and saw how we treat the environment, he would be really upset or would have thrown in the towel because that is how bad things are. Mass deforestation, dumping polluted and toxic chemicals in our oceans, hunting for pleasure, etc., is all a sad state of affairs. We often come across trees that have been cut down for absolutely no reason, and it is disheartening having to witness it. If you have recently come across trees that have been chopped for no reason and are looking for uses for cut down tree so that it does not completely go to waste, you can keep on reading below:

  • You can look into eco-friendly forestries or woodwork places near you that are known for taking their job seriously and make the most out of the trees that do come to them.
  • You can use the tree to create wood logs which can then go into construction, building furniture and other parts.
  • Branches can be used to create decorative pieces.
  • Wood shavings and sawdust can be used as biofuel or by carpenters.
  • You can use the wood pulp to create a paper by yourself. It is a pretty simple process and you can make your custom paper with different colors and all of that.
  • Wood chips can be made with extra bark and discarded parts which can also be used as biofuel, to smoke food, and to cook as well.

Every single part of the tree can be used to create different things and none of it will go to waste. This is the better way to utilize the entire tree and make its sacrifice mean something.  It takes a lot more work, but it is the better way to do things.