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What is Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is an endeavor that has a lot of healthy debate surrounding it, and much of this debate has to do with what the best practice tends to be in this regard. It is really important for people to start narrowing down their carpet cleaning options because we are beginning to notice a risky trend wherein the average carpet is becoming a lot dirtier than it used to be. This is a byproduct of a lack of consumer knowledge, so in the interests of making everyone’s carpets cleaner in the long run, we are going to discuss an often under utilized carpet cleaning method.

This method for carpet cleaning in Spring is called dry foam carpet cleaning, and the way that it works is that powdered chemicals get tiny quantities of moisture pushed through them which results in them coming out as a thick foam. Suffice it to say that you would need a foaming agent in the mixture as well because of the fact that this is the only thing that will transform it into the substance that you need at this interval.

The foaming agent is most likely going to be some kind of a surfactant due to the reason that this is a highly effective tool to use in such situations. Surfactants can break surface tension in dirt and allow water to penetrate a lot deeper into it, something that can make the carpet cleaning much faster in general. Dry foam cleaning is starting to gain a lot of popularity because it does not require a lengthy drying process after the fact which facilitates less down time that can be detrimental to businesses and companies.