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How to Lay Artificial Grass?

When laying artificial grass on a surface you should know that it is different from laying a carpet, you are installing a complete unit and it requires more than just laying the artificial grass, if you have little knowledge on how lay artificial grass perfectly and you are getting confused about it as you look for answers then first of all ask yourself where you are going to lay the artificial grass? Dirt or concrete? When you know the answer to this question you then have clarity and can plan accordingly.

Concrete: laying artificial grass on concrete fairly straightforward and requires simple steps, you should remove objects from the surface, wash it, let it dry and then lay the turf evenly, user roller to even it out and there you’ll have a perfect looking, even turf which looks simply stunning, things get a little bit more complicated when you have to lay the Kunstgras on dirt.

Dirt: when you are laying Kunstgras on dirt you’ll have to do a bit of work which is definitely more than what is required of you when laying on concrete, first of all you need evening out, that is related to forming an even base, shovel is required, you might need a lot of water to sit the dirt down, it sets itself and then you need the right equipment to not only even it as it forms the base where the turf is laid, but you need to be extremely careful when removing objects, when laying artificial grass on dirt you have to remove of the obvious objects as well as things you might not even consider removing, things like pine needles and small roots should also be removed if you want your turf to last a long time and look even when laid.