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How Long is Vic Falls Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping on the Victoria falls is definitely one of the most thrilling and adrenaline drawing experiences you will ever have. Although it is a very short-lived thing, bungee jumping can provide you with the best experience whenever you visit Victoria Falls.

Since the Victoria Falls are located between Zimbabwe and Zambia, you will need to show your passport just to get access to the area. Bungee jumping in this part seems very dangerous, and there has been one or two accidents with no casualties. This place is regarded as the number one in the world for bungee jumping. The perfect mixture of serene surrounding coupled with the thrilling experience of bungee jumping makes your visit to the Victoria Falls a great memory to remember and cherish for years to come. Let’s learn more about Victoria Falls bungee jump.

Height of Vic Falls Bungee Jump

The bungee jump on Victoria Falls is around 111 meters high. While it is very shorter than the 216 meter high bungee jump in South Africa, it still feels thrilling to watch when you’re up on the platform above the Zambezi River. The height is also perfect for people who have never experienced bungee jumping before.

Different Activities

For people who do not have enough courage to start with bungee jumping, bungee swing is also available. It is very fun to enjoy, but is not as thrilling as the bungee jumping activity.

With bungee jumping, the cord is tied on your feet and you are pushed towards the river underneath. You dive for 111 meters until you touch the Zambezi River.

However, in bungee swing, you’re actually sitting on a seat for the same activity as bungee jumping, but it feels safe, and yet less thrilling. This takes you back and forth.