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How Does a Solar Panel Work?

Solar panels are currently all the rage. You might be thinking of getting one installed too but are curious as to how it works and generates electricity. Well, we are glad that you are eager to know the answer to this question and are here for it. Below, we are breaking down the working of a solar panel in 5 very easy-to-understand steps that will surely help clarify all your confusion.

Regardless of which solar panel size and model you are investing in, all solar panels have a similar working mechanism. So, whether your inquiry is regarding the working of these panels in regions where it snows throughout the day or about solar panels Scotland region working, the below steps are your answer:

1.      Sunlight Activates The Cells in Panels

All solar panels are made of a few energy absorbing and sensing elements, the most important of which are the photovoltaic cells. When the panels of placed on a roof that receives direct sunlight, these cells get activated and absorb the solar energy for as long as the sun keeps shining.

2.       Production of Current

Within each photovoltaic cell is a layer of silicon. The activation of this cell in turn activates the electrons in the silicon layer and this creates an electric current.

3.      Conversion of Energy

The current produced in the above step is in DC form and that isn’t needed by our homes. Here comes a gadget called the inverter that works to convert this DC into AC. The inverters are almost always fitted inside the solar panels, and you don’t have to arrange a separate one.

4.      Powering

As is expected, the formed AC energy now runs through your home’s wiring and supplies electricity to the devices that are reliant on solar panels.