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Exercising With a Stoma

Colostomy bags, urostomy bags, or ileostomy bags are seen as disabilities by most, and there is still a stigma around them. This is why a lot of people end up feeling the need to hide their colostomy bags or even mention them unless necessary. This also ends up creating mental barriers for people with ostomy bags because they feel that it will limit them or will become an issue or source of shame for them, which is not the case. A lot of people with ostomy bags, be it temporary or permanent ones can live full lives, and thanks to modern medicine, managing ostomy bags has become even easier. If you want to learn about exercising with a colostomy bag, you can keep on reading below.

Exercise is essential regardless of your age, body type, or background. Exercise and mobility become even more important as we grow older since it helps our muscles stay active and less likely to strain or become weak. If you have to wear an ostomy bag, then you need to exercise, and contrary to what you might hear, you can live a fairly active life with an ostomy bag. You can go for a run, lift weights, swim, and even go for contact sports as long as you keep your ostomy bag safe and are taking the right precautions.

You should always start with walking, and then gradually build up your exercise routine from there. There is only one major concern you should have, and that is the risk of developing a parastomal hernia. This can also be avoided if you follow a certain exercise routine to strengthen your abdominal muscle and reduce the risk of a hernia. Your health care provider or nurse will educate you on what you can do to prevent it from happening and any other precautions that you might need to keep in mind with your medical history.