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Can You Hire a General Lawyer For Criminal Defense?

Some lawyers are not going to be satisfied until they have finally specialized in something or the other, but in spite of the fact that this is the case there are many lawyers out there who are perfectly fine with being generalists. These lawyers are not going to specialize in any one field but are rather going to end up becoming jacks of all trades. Looking for a criminal defense lawyer would reveal that many of them are not the best options for you to hire since they have reputations for getting criminals off the hook which means that if you hire one of them this would reflect badly on you at the end of the day.

It is important to note that general lawyers are never going to have reputations like this. They have their fingers dipped into too many pots to be typecast in this manner. Hence, if you check out their The SoCal Law Network BBB profile and see if they are worth hiring based on the information you are able to obtain, hiring them would be great since it would show the world that you don’t need some hotshot criminal defense lawyer at all but would rather be satisfied with a generalist who has a solid understanding of all aspects of the law.

Such lawyers can be kept on retainer for all other kinds of legal requirements as well. Drafting contracts, getting a divorce and creating a will can all be easily done by such kinds of lawyers. Their generalist nature means that no aspect of the legal profession would end up becoming too much of a burden on them and you can rely on them completely.