What Is The Autism Hub?

Put quite simply, “The Autism Hub is central point for blogs about autism from autistic people, family members, and students/professionals”. It’s a great place to find many frequently updated links to original blogging with a diversity of perspective and interests.

Does The Autism Hub have a mission statement?

“The Autism Hub seeks to promote diversity and human rights, with ethics and reality as the core guiding principles; aspects include: empowerment/advocacy, acceptance, and a positive outlook”.

Although that mission is clear:

The Autism Hub neither represents nor claims to represent “Neurodiversity” or “The Neurodiversity Movement”. While it’s true that Autism Hub blogs are selected in part, because they are diversity-friendly, the concept of neurodiversity is much larger than any single collection of blogs. It’s even bigger than the concept of autism. There are several good places one can visit on the web to learn more about Neurodiversity.

The Autism Hub itself neither represents, nor claims to represent the views of all autistic people or parents of autistic people. While the listed blogs contain perspectives from autistic people, and perspectives about autism, the blogs listed on The Autism Hub are written by individuals who are solely responsible for the content of their individual blogs.

Who Runs The Autism Hub?

Although originally constructed by Kev Leitch, a father in the UK, The Autism Hub is now administered by a group of anonymous, volunteer reviewers/administrators (both autistic and non-autistic).

How Are Blogs Selected For Listing On The Autism Hub?

The Autism Hub endeavors to bring some of the best diversity-friendly autism blogging to one place, where it’s easy to find. Non-commercial autism blogs, active for at least one year, may be submitted for consideration of listing on The Autism Hub by individual bloggers, or nominated by readers of a blog. To have a blog considered for listing on The Autism Hub, send an e-mail to admin at autism-hub dot com (replace “at” and “dot” with the appropriate symbols). Be sure to include a link to the blog, as well as links to the blog’s published comment policy and author profile. One valid e-mail address for the blog’s author(s) is required.

For more information see: Blog Submission Guidelines (coming soon).

Note: blogs are listed/removed at the sole discretion of the reviewer group, with or without notification. The web adminstrator is not involved in blog selection or review, and requests for information from reviewers are not responded to. Requests for blog removal from listing, made by the blog’s primary author, are not subject to review. Requests for blog removal, not made by the blog’s primary author, will not receive a response.

Outside Of Submitting Blogs For Consideration Of Listing On The Autism Hub, How Can I Contact The Autism Hub?

Send an e-mail to admin at autism-hub dot com (replace “at” and “dot” with the appropriate symbols).

Please remember that The Autism Hub admins are people too, with careers, families, and responsibilities in their own lives, etc. The focus of their volunteer efforts is on blog review. Response to any inquiry is neither guaranteed nor implied.